The Legend in Australian music

Music is a touch to the soul. The music industry is growing rapidly and many musicians are exploiting this opportunity to showcase their talents. Well, Australia is deeply rooted in modern classical music among other genres which have made many music legends to become popular here in Aussie and to the rest of the world.

Who is the most famous Australian singer?

Olivia Newton-John has taken Aussie music to another level is arguably one of the best singers in Australia after an explicit performance in a typical musical film. Additionally, she is one of the finest activists, entrepreneurs, actresses, and a songwriter who has made it to the top Grammy award. She has made it to the top 10 list which is quite impressive. Newton’s voice is quite admirable because she displays some passionate Love when singing. Her popularity is attributed to the greatest hits songs that have been awarded the top in Austrian music charts. Everyone who gets to hear her song can attest to the quality music that Newton has managed to deliver after years of hard work.

What is the most popular music in Australia?

Australia is endowed with cultural diversity that has to lead to rich music in terms of styles and genres. The most popular music in Australia is the Western classical music which is played across the country classical music was derived from its tradition and the European history of classical music is that way back to the ancient times of folkloric tradition. Popular musicians are blending in their creativity and contemporary classical music to come up with some modern hits. Some genres like pop music are also gaining ground and soon it will be among the popular songs.

Who is the richest musician in Australia?

The richest Australian musician is Sia Furler with a net worth of approximately $20 million. She became popular after the release of “Breathe Me” in 2005. This made Sia a star after selling up to 1.2 million copies.
Some interesting facts are that she is among the few richest songstress under 40 years who have made it in Top 100. Her wealth is attributed to her vast tracks which made her popular and wealthy. She has written songs to some iconic singers including Rita ora, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Rihanna.

Her diligence in the music industry has been recognized across the world and currently, she performs both locally and internationally. Her wealth is an inspiration to the upcoming artist that you can make it irrespective of your age. In her last interview, she promised to soar top in the music industry because that is where her talent lies.

What is the highest-selling Australian single of all time?

The highest-selling single of all time here in Australia is Running back by Jessica Mauboy. It features FLO Rida who is an American rapper. The orange was written by Jessica and produced by Audius. This song was applauded by the ARIA singles chart as one of the best selling. The song has won several awards and up to 1 million views in Vevo. The song Running back gas been performed on several platforms after being nominated as the best in MTV Australia awards. It has a track record of 140,000 units that were shipped. This has made it the best selling single.

Who is the most successful singer?

The most successful singer in the music industry is Elvis Presley. This is as per the sales that have been made but other people argue that Drake is the highest selling in terms of certified units. However, here in Australia is JohyFarnham.The energy and creativity in his songs are overboard. The success journey is quite amazing which has made him one of the iconic musicians globally. She was voted as the most popular because of her soothing and sweet voice, claimed hospitality fitouts Sydney. She has been termed as one of the best vocalists and it can be seen in her songs that have left many yearning for more. She sings effortlessly which is a display of pure talent.


Australia is one of the most popular countries when it comes to music. It has played a key role in elevating music internationally. Some of the musicians Fromm Aussie have made it to the top 100 Forbes list. Australia is endowed with talent and the music industry is growing and people have high expectations.