Potential Recording Companies

What are the 4 major record labels?
Sony, Universal, Island, and Warner are the four most popular record labels. Don’t be surprised if your favourite artists are signed by some of those labels. They will pitch in a lot of money for them to sign to their record label. If they are pretty popular, they will bring their record label the recognition that it deserves.

How much does a record label pay an artist?
Recording companies would pay the artist anywhere between $500,000 to $2M. That would depend on the popularity of the artist. Some artists choose to make their record label so they would not need to give anyone a portion of their earnings. Yes, that is how record labels earn. However, they would take care of the recording studio for the artist to record her songs.

What happens when you get signed to a major record label?
You will be required to make a certain amount of albums for a few years depending on what is stated on the contract. Of course, it would be better to negotiate the contract first before signing off on it.

What record labels are looking for new artists?
There are many recording companies looking for new artists and one of them is Spinnup. This company has been created by Universal Music and it is tasked to mould new artists into good ones. You can bet they are scouting the potential of so many artists in reality shows so they can make a star out of any of them.

Who owns most of the music industry?
Warner Music is the third biggest recording company in the world. They have signed some of the most elite artists over the years and they look forward to doing even more in the future. After all, their passion lies in making music for fans to adore. They have adjusted to the recent advancements in technology where fans could just download the songs of artists. They have turned that into nice income.

What is a 360 record deal?
A 360 record deal is a deal between recording companies and artists. The potential recording companies would be given a percentage of the artist’s earnings through album sales, concert tickets, and revenue streams. It would work out for the recording companies if the artist is pretty popular and a lot of people would go to their concerts. If the recording company offers the artist a ton of money, they would not hesitate in saying yes to them.